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“The Silva Method Absolutely Works”

The Silva Method has by far been one of the most influential personal development programs I have done. It’s amazing how much you can do with your mind if you know what to do. I strongly recommend everyone apply this method. It absolutely works. We all owe it to ourselves to make our lives better and better.

-Rola Diab

Chicago, IL

“It gives us the ability to awaken with that bright idea or solution to a problem”

Prof. Clancy D. McKenzie, founder of the American Mental Health Association, uses Silva techniques since 1969. With the help of the creative insights that he gained at the alpha level, Dr. McKenzie made a major medical breakthrough in understanding the cause of schizophrenia and depression that has helped more than 9,000 patients. He explained that he uses the Silva techniques to help his patients in many ways: “ I first learned the technique from the Silva training in September, 1969, and I have been using it ever since. You may have heard about problems being solved or discoveries being made during sleep or during the dream-state. These mostly are sporadic events, in which people just happen to awaken with a bright idea. The programmed dream is different. It gives us the ability to awaken with that bright idea or solution to a problem, any night, at will. When you fall asleep you reach just as deep a level of consciousness but you are unaware of this state and how to use it. Utilizing the techniques, you will be able to spend one minute prior to going to bed to formulate a question, and one minute when you awaken to retrieve the answer. There are two techniques I use, and more are taught in the Silva training program. The first technique is to decide to have a dream about a problem, and decide that the interpretation of the dream will reveal the answer. You further must decide to awaken at the very end of the dream, remember it and write it down. The second technique is to decide the mind will work on a particular problem throughout sleep, and that when you awaken, your first thought will be the answer.

-Prof. Clancy D. McKenzie, founder of the American Mental Health Association, uses Silva techniques since 1969

“Helps Improve Attitude”

There are several ways the Silva techniques can help people with disabilities. I know of many people who have used them very effectively… including myself. First, the techniques help the individual in coping with the situation. Some people grow bitter when they are hit with a serious problem, but that doesn’t help in any way. When we improve our own attitude about the situation, this has enormous benefits. There is less stress on the person with the disability, and they have much more energy they can use to cope and deal with life.

-Bill Sturdevant, Silva Instructor

Juneau (Alaska)

“We’re so much stronger than we think”

We waste too much of our time dragging ourselves under. If we spent one half of it just researching in our mind how to deal with life, we’d find we’re so much stronger than we think.

-Carol Lawrence, Famed Broadway Actress of “West Side Story”, “The Sound of Music”, “Funny Girl” and more. She earned a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame; the first recipient ever in the category of “Live Theatre”.,


“The Silva Method is what I want for all the people I know and with whom I work”

Dord Fitz – art professor, the Renaissance man born in Oregon: personally known by the top artists in the New York City, founder of Dord Fitz Art Center and guest speaker at NASA has this to say about Silva Method:“I am interested in Jose Silva’s system because I feel it helps the entire learning process. The Silva Method is what I want for all the people I know and with whom I work”

-Dord Fitz, founder of Dord Fitz Art Center and guest speaker at NASA


“Single Most Powerful Tool I Have to Offer Patients”

About the Silva system, I would say it is the most powerful single tool that I have to offer patients.

-Dr O Carl Simonton, the research pioneer in imagery therapy for cancer

“You Will See Noticeable Results Quickly.”

We have all heard many times that anyone can control the direction and pattern of their lives if they just know how. In Silva, you will learn simple, practical and safe ways to bring about this control. The Silva Method consists of scientifically researched, tested, proven techniques which you receive in a step-by-step, learn-by-doing manner. You will see noticeable results quickly.

-Burt Goldman, “The American Monk

Rancho Mirage, CA

“A Forbes Magazine “Entrepreneur of the Year”, trains his staff with the Silva Method.”

By offering the Silva Method to [our] employees we provide an opportunity to experience for themselves the power of the mind… Experiencing the Silva techniques, rather than just hearing people talk about it, is very powerful. It’s like the difference between seeing a travelogue about the Grand Canyon and personally standing on the edge of it… Silva demonstrates that there is no limit to what the mind can do.

-Robert Stiller, President and CEO of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters and Forbes Magazine 2001 Entrepreneur of the Year,

RCA Records Endorses the Silva Method.”

Most companies recognize the value of having capable and motivated people on the payroll. The Silva Method has provided a definitive way of allowing people to be self-motivated. … The course clearly depicted a way for all to enrich their lives, to gain better control of circumstances which, in the past, may have negatively affected them. I am grateful for understanding this rather uncomplicated way of approaching my job and personal life and I know that RCA Corporation will come out a winner also for having endorsed such a progressive program.

-J.K. Mangini, Divisional Vice President, Occupational Services, RCA Records

Atlanta, Georgia

“Changed My Life…Nothing has been the same since…”

In 1972 I changed my life. I went to a class to learn the Silva Method and nothing has been the same since. I credit that as one of the most important things I have ever done in my life. Above all, it helped me learn how to use more of my mind for a positive, special life.

-Neal Boortz, Nationally Syndicated Radio Host, The Neal Boortz Show

“Article from FORUM Magazine: “It Works – And It’s Fantastic”

Graduates of the course have been able to stop smoking, lose weight, give up drugs, sleep without pills, and wake up on time without an alarm. They’ve found themselves having more creative ideas, discovered they could at last write that novel, win at love, pay the rent…in short, achieve whatever it is they want to achieve in life. And for those who aren’t sure of what they want, there are techniques to help them find out. Personally, I felt profoundly enriched, as if I had rediscovered a wealth within myself, as if a door had opened to me that was open in my childhood, but which had closed over the years.

-Judith Glassman writing for FORUM: The Magazine of Human Relationships. Judith Glassman is a medical and science writer/investigator whose work has appeared in many national magazines.

“Overcoming obstacles”

I credit the Silva Method program, as the saver of my life, for helping me to develop my spirituality in many wonderful ways and become a much happier person while helping others in many ways. My path to Silva has been a miracle. After my ex-husband left me I was crying every day and my friends were calling daily and inviting me left and right to keep me company. One day a friend called and suggested I listen to an unusual story. She visited her home town (Bucharest, Romania) and met a former university colleague who asked her to find the phone number of a former friend who lived in Germany. My friend took a while to locate this person she never met and finally found her; out of nowhere this woman shared with my friend how her life has been turned around in a miraculous way after attending a Silva method seminar. After the course I started meditating and programming for my divorce to go through without any conflicts and in another miraculous way it did; even if my ex hated me and couldn’t stand talking to me, he helped me sell the house, even pack and move. In 2005 I also took the Self Healing course where I met Kaykhosrow (Kain), another amazing instructor from whom I learned different and more advanced techniques. To conclude, I am looking forward to be part of a Silva grads group after being part of one for almost 3 years; I continue to be part of this group, and the great Silva family, via email, every time there is a health case and the need to help with energy and healing.

-Carmen Gheorghe

Vaughan, Canada

“Work with the source directly…the Silva Method”

I’ve been involved for 39 years in the human potential movement. I’ve Taken hundreds and hundreds of groups, studied every approach and methodology that I’ve ever found and I want to tell you that the Silva Method is one of the most profound approaches to the human potential movement that I’ve ever discovered. Literally Jose Silva and the work that he did, and the instructors have done over the years has influenced every major approach from EST to Landmark to Lifespring to Insight to the work I do etc. And so its really critical, if you want to take and go right to the source where much of this works comes from, why work with the people that have evolved from it? Why not work with the source directly and that would be to work wit the Silva Method. And so I want to strongly encourage you to get involved with the Silva Method. And take your life to the next level in terms of health, wealth and happiness. You owe it to yourself to do that.

-Jack Canfield, Best-Selling author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul Series of Books, Featured Teacher in “The Secret” and author of the Success Principles

Napa, California

“Yes, I would recommend it to anyone and everyone.”

I have been utilizing the Silva System for about 2 weeks and have found it to be an effective method of concentrating my personal energy and focusing it on the the goals I want to accomplish. I have greater concentration, more focus and more positive energy than I had prior to the program. I have also noticed that there are more coincidences in my life with positive outcomes, I seem to be functioning in a harmonic flow rather than constantly running against the wind. This product has my complete endorsement, it is relatively inexpensive, can be accomplished by anyone in their spare time, yields immediate results. Yes, I would recommend it to anyone and everyone.

-Dr. Edward F. Knab

Palm Springs, CA

“It gives us abundance of love, of health and all the good in life”

I discovered the Silva method through an old book of Jose Silva, and then purchased the home course. At that time, I was a single parent with two very young sons and no home to call my own. A single woman in India is easy prey, reviled and looked down upon. I found myself a job and I practiced regularly and concentrated on abundance. Today one son is is pilot, another is doing his engineering and I have my own home. The Silva Method works. It gives us abundance of love, of health and all the good in life. Any time I had debts and bills and any sort of crisis, I would breathe deeply, count from ten to one, and feel calm and positive. What Silva gave me was stability, a stress free mental frame with which to deal with life. I am deeply grateful to Silva for helping me go through life with my head held high.

-Ritu Lalit

“I am gleeful to say the Silva Life System has taught me a whole new way to ‘meditate’”

My goal for using the Silva Life System was to improve my intuitive and healing abilities. I also felt I need to increase my concentration and retentive abilities because I have made a goal to start college courses in the fall and since I have been out of “school mode” for 20 years. I will be testing the exercises out while I study and test. I expect to be successful in school through using the exercises. Time will tell how well I am able to incorporate it in school. My work experience has become less stressful and more productive. In the past two months I have been able to not only meet but exceed my goals with so much ease that it almost seems incredible that I’m capable of doing what I’m doing so easily. I can remember in February this year, feeling so stressed about possibly not meeting the new set of performance goals set by our management that I truly felt my job could be in danger this year…now, all I can do is smile. My meditation time has taken on a whole new dimension. I’ve struggled so much through so many years of getting to a point where I felt I had achieved a good meditation practice and would give up because I would have that “great” experience once and then not be able to get there again no matter how hard I ‘allowed’ or ‘let go’ or whatever keyword or theory I was trying at any given time. Since 1989 I’ve been able to recognize deeper states of mind on those rare occasions. I am gleeful to say the Silva Life System has taught me a whole new way to ‘meditate’ that is not meditating at all. To be able to, on an extremely consistent basis, reach those deep levels of being that I have instinctively felt were beneficial. Plus be able to do it within a short span of time and get results so quickly. I have experienced that which I had not thought possible with full cognizance and done it repeatedly, this has opened up so many new possibilities with me that I feel as if I am only at the doorway of what I am capable of. THIS is the best thing that I have managed to get out of using SLS at this point. I would definitely recommend SLS to someone else and I have… to more than just one because the depth of results are so impressive I cannot see why everyone would not want to improve their lives and the lives of their friends ans families and their ‘circle of influence’. I would love to be able to purchase Peaks and, at some point, attend a seminar. Eventually, I suspect I will be able to manifest this. MANY MANY MANY thanks to one of the most awesome thinking men of our century, Jose Silva

-Patricia Richie, Albuquerque NM

Albuquerque, NM

“I have learned to appreciate what I have and enjoy the day as much as possible”

I found Silva Life System through an on-line class I was taking. I am always open to new things to control stress, as I am on disability for PTSD, and after running through the gammet of mental health counsellors, I still was left with dealing with my past without tools. So, I began to gather ways to deal with this – things therapists never even mentioned. I have studied/taught the martial arts for 25 years, and so expanding the consciousness is nothing new for me. In fact, I quit studying the sword because it opened my mind up far more than I was comfortable with. Once I began the Silva meditation, I begin to notice results immediately. At first it was hard getting through the 30-minute meditation, I would fall asleep, but as time went on, I was able to get through that. I felt so much better, I signed up for the first offer. These meditations are very helpful. I love the “Daisy Pond,” but what has helped the most is the three finger’s technique and “mirror of the mind.” I haven’t slept much, and the lack of sleep and the immense stress has taken it’s toll. There are also nights I keep myself awake because when I do sleep, all I have is nightmares. Being awake is sometimes better. I believe this is why I fell asleep during the meditation, because I was finally able to relax my mind enough to let everything go. The 3-fingers technique is absolutely amazing. When I lose something, I put my fingers together, and instead of searching for hours on end, I find what I’m looking for in a matter of minutes. When I am stressed, I put my fingers together and imagine being calm, and I calm down. With the mirror of the mind, I am able to take the stressors and make them disappear – some things have not come back to haunt me since doing this. Some things are not as easy to resolve, though, but I listen to the alpha sound several times a day because it calms my mind. Now, by applying these methods, I know that whatever I desire will manifest itself. I must be very careful of what I ask for. As soon as I found how beneficial this was for me, I told my daughter about it, and she has been using the Silva Method faithfully. She talks about the benefits, and I can clearly see an improvement in her attitude. Now, I live each day as it comes. I have learned to appreciate what I have and not ask for more, and enjoy the day as much as possible, because I never know when that final trigger will send me over the edge. I am happy that I have found a way to control my stress/triggers as much as is possible.

-Carol Pickett from Thermopolis, Wyoming

Thermopolis, WY

“I am blessed that I found such a wonder!”

I would and do recommend the Silva Life System to everyone. I can not believe what a change the simple exercises can make. There is not anyone that couldn’t benefit from the information, gift of knowledge, that has been passed on through this system. There isn’t anything in this life that could change my feelings about what amazing changes this system can teach people to do. It’s worth every cent and every minute you invest. I am blessed that I found such a wonder. the Silva Life System is a life saver. It should be taught in grammar school to all the children. I’m sure the world would be a better place for it. It works. I’m proof.

-Kristine Marchetti

Quebec – Canada

“Excellent Advice and Inspiration”

You really can develop extra sensory perception and this course proves how to do it and use it! I took the Silva Method course maybe 15 years ago and initially had some incredible results. Like any muscle, though, you have to exercise it and I got out of shape. I have received specific guidance in my dreams and an unexpected monetary windfall that I really needed. I would recommend this to anyone who would like to increase their brainpower, connect with higher wisdom and solve problems. As a businessperson, I loved the part on intuition and executive success. It is a wonderful service and gift to those of us who are fortunate enough to have it. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.

-Ben Jones

Sarasota, FL

“Brought Inner Peace”

I listened to the audio two times since receiving it. I did not think it made much difference at first until I ran into a situation where I would be normally very upset. Much to my surprize I handled it with more calm than I can remember! Can’t wait to try the next audio. I followed the program through to its completion and practice as much as I can. I am hoping to further my training when time and money permit. Thank you for such a useful tool. I have an inner peace? confidence? ( not sure which word is more fitting?) than ever before.

-Daniel P.

Newfoundland, Canada

“Information on the Tapes Has Been Excellent”

The information on the tapes has really been excellent, in fact it has been amazing. Have been having excellent automatic writing sessions, receiving business guidance. In fact, business was in serious financial difficulities before the tapes—and with the intuitive input, can now see a way to work our way out of the situation.


Williamsport, PA

“Even relaxed me during a Dentist Visit”

I’ve listened to the tape 3 times already. I used the technique when I was at the dentist’s office yesterday and it was helpful in relaxing. I’m usually very anxious while I’m there so this was a big relief. When I was leaving the office a patient who was waiting for her appointment told me she’d never heard anyone laugh so much in a dentist’s chair. I, of course, told her about the tape. I also agree with the person who mentioned the tape giving him the feeling he gets from a good massage. After listening to the tape I’m in a very peaceful, centered, clear place for several hours and I’m sure this feeling of centeredness will extend to longer periods as I continue to use the tape and techniques.

-John T.

Brooklyn, New York

“Loved the 9th Lesson”

I LOVED the 9th lesson, and feel that perhaps it is the greatest of them all. For even without the alpha state, if we are ON PURPOSE, our lives will be forwarded from within. Thank you so much for making this program available. I am recommending it to all my friends.

-Lauren Tripp